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genesis On the surface, “Genesis” by Bernard Beckett is an unassuming, almost novella-sized book. But a few pages through the book, you realise that you have jumped into something much more complex, and captivating.

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It’s raining men

heat wave We have seen TV series based on books (too many to list), books based on TV series (Doctor Who, Monk etc.). But “Heat Wave ” by “Richard Castle” has a curious story – it is probably the first real-life book written by a character in a TV series.

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angels-game I read about “The Angel’s Game ” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón while I was talking of his earlier book, “The Shadow of the Wind”. But then, I forgot about it until I came across the book in our library.

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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes poster As a Sherlock Holmes fan, I was justifiably scared about watching the movie based on what the trailer promised (at least, that’s how I am justifying me watching the movie so late). Then again, as a fan, I could hardly stay away from the movie, can I?

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Lang, Thomas Lang

FC067102082X It is a book written by The Hugh Laurie. Do I need to say anything more before you run off to get your hands on “The Gun Seller ”?

OK, here’s the deal:

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The game is afoot

Improbable Adventures An anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories (Point 1). Written by authors like Neil Gaiman, Laurie King, Stephan King, Naomi Novik, Stephan Baxter (Points 2, 3, 4, and so on.) So, how many more points does a book like “The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ”need to be “pick up right now”?

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The Privateers of Caribbean

n316012Pirate Latitudes” reminds you more of “Eaters of the Dead” or “Timeline” (minus the time travel aspect) than Michael Crichton’s more famous books like Jurassic Park, Prey. And, like many historical novels starring pirates, it is a bit cheesy in pieces.

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